Okapi Mobile



  • Our phones are currently available for pre order online and shipping at Okapimoble.com for the selected countries: insert countries
  • You can also buy a mobile phone through our partner dealers. See our link to see any partner dealers are available in your country.
  • All Okapi phones come with a one time 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Warranty instructions
    • You can submit Warranty request directly from the manufacturer.
    • Warranty instructions are included in each package from the manufacturer.
  • We apply a standard 3 day delivery policy unless otherwise requested.
  • Shipping and handling cost includes both shipping and our processing handling cost
  • For US mainland customers we will use a flat rate for shipping
  • We use multiple shipping partners to get you best shipping cost wherever possible
  • Upon confirmation of your order we will send you shipping details and information confirming the shipping partner.
  • If you have not received a confirmation email please contact us at [email protected]
Shipping thefts or lost package
If you package is lost;

  • UjengoLab cannot held responsible for any delays shipping partners may incur due to circumstances beyond their control. This will include but not limited to: weather conditions, mechanical delays, equipment failures.
  • UjengoLab cannot be held responsible for any delays shipping partners may incur due to incomplete address information, or wrong address information provided by the customer.
Theft or missing package;
  • If our shipper is unable to deliver your package, we will work with the shipper to locate, replace, or refund your product.
  • If there is proof of delivery to the residence or address location requested by the customer, UjengoLab may not be held liable.
  • Customer should file a theft report with local police department in the event of a theft. 

  • All Okapi mobile phones leverage Google Android OS , Google’s Linux-based open source operating system.
  • Okapi 10 series phones come pre unlocked phones
  • Okapi 10 series phones are sim compatible with most cellphone providers globally
  • Dual sim technology allows you to leverage multiple sims and networks on your phones
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